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The Slurpee
Digital Open

Big changes you should know about


1st Round: May 27-July 5
This time around, we are switching things up! All participants entering the first round need to submit by July 5th.

Regional Winners:

1 regional winner will be picked per gender, per category and per region, totalling to 32 winners. Being a regional winner doesn't mean you are in the finals.

Finals: July 15 - Aug 31
As a finalist, you scored in the top 5 of your category/gender throughout the country. Submit a new, more complex run, before August 31st to be crowned 1st.


Do I need to pay to enter?

No, the contest is 100% free.

Who can enter?

Any Canadian citizen.

How do I know my clip is in?

We will comment "🇨🇦 👍" on your video. 

If the day after the deadline there is no comment, email

How many clips can I submit ?

One 45 second run per category (street/park). 

If you make it to the finals, you will need to submit a 2nd new run.

If I make it to the finals, does my 1st run counts at all ?

No, your 1st round score will not count in the finals.

How should I edit my video?

Easy, you can't edit your video. No cuts, no edits, no speeding up the video and no music. Any of the following will be disqualifying. 

Can I add music ?

No, don’t add music, let the skating be the soundtrack.

Can I use a private Instagram account?

No, you must post on a public instagram account.

After I post my run, can I submit a 2nd better run?

No. Once we have commented on your video, that will count as your entry to the contest. 

What does it mean to be regional winner? Do I skate the finals?

Not necessarily, If you win your region, this means you have the highest score in your region. You will be rewarded with a prize. However, your score may not be high enough out of all entries to advance into the finals and compete for the cash purse.

Canada Skateboard
Open Partners

The Slurpee Canada Skateboard Open, presented by Tech Deck, is made possible through the support of our commercial and distribution partners across the country. We would like to thank these companies for the support they provide to Canadian skateboarding.  

Supported  by:

Presented by:

New Format -  New Rules 


You must be a Canadian citizen. 


Your clip needs to be filmed vertically and posted vertically. 

Post an unedited, uncut, no speed-up, music-free 45-second clip.


You can only post 1 clip per category. Meaning 1 for street and 1 for park. 

Posting & Tagging:

Post from a public Instagram account and tag @canadaskateboard in the caption with 


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